Chemistry Performance Task

By: Bernabe, Castor, Fernando and Sanchez

Pick a product!

General Mills Lucky Charm Cereal

Lucky charms is a gluten-free frosted and toasted oat cereal that contains marshmallowsIt makes use of Vitamin E mixed with tocopherols to preserve freshness and extend shelf lifeA single serving contains 12g of sugar, which is high as an average male must intake 37.5g of sugar per day while an average woman must intake 25g of sugar per day. Therefore, consuming almost half and ⅓ of sugar needed per day.It has low fat content having only 1.5grams as compared to a person’s daily fat needed which is 44-77 grams of fatThe product does not contain cholesterol

M.Y.SAN SkyFlakes Peanut Butter

A peanut butter creme filled cracker sandwich.It has 7g of fat which is needed to fulfill the needed 44-77g of fat needed per day which helps fuel energy to the body.It contains 143mg of sodium which is within the consumption limit of sodium for a personIt contains a total of 19g of carbohydrates having 5g of sugar which is still within the consumption limit considering that over-consumption of the product will not be done.

Red Bull

A 250ml can contains 117 calories which contributes to an average person’s daily calorie intake which is 2000-2500 Cal.A 250ml can contains 80mg of caffeine that can improve energy levels similar to the caffeine content in a cup of coffee and must be consumed with moderation

Gatorade Cool Blue Raspberry

A 32oz bottle contains 130 calories which contributes to an average person’s daily calorie intake which is 2000-2500 Cal providing more energyIt contains Electrolytes which help regulate body fluids and Carbohydrates that provides energy which enables it to provide individuals with a boost or a greater amount of energy

Meyer’s Clean Day

A multipurpose surface cleaner that is able to remove stains and freshens surfaces as well as toilet bowlsIt is made of plant derived ingredients and natural lactic acids and essential oilsWhen using this product, avoid eye contact, and if not able to do so eyes must be flushed with water for 15 minutesIf swallowed, One must drink a glassful of water If irritation caused by the product persists, consulting of a physician is needed

Lysol Antibacterial Hand Soap

A hand soap that gets rid of 99.99% of germs and bacteriaOnly for external useStore below 30 degrees celsiusKeep out of reach of children